Bathymetric mapping and LiDAR topography survey at Hubbard Glacier

Written by David Finnegan (CRREL), 21. October 2008

Researchers from CRREL and the US Army Corps of Engineers Coastal Hydraulics Lab in Vicksburg, MS visited Yakutat and the Hubbard Glacier to conduct a complete bathymetric mapping and LiDAR topography survey of the Gilbert Point terminus area. The work utilized an advanced Multi-beam Bathymetric mapping system, a precision 2-D current profiler and a long range ground-based LiDAR scanner all tied together to simultaneously map the submarine environment and tidewater glacier terminus. These data will provide a precision base map that will serve as a spring board for future oceanographic, marine geophysics and monitoring efforts. These efforts were funded by the USACE Alaska District.

Glacier Face, photo 1
Hubbard calving face during bathymetric mapping and LiDAR survey. Credit: Dave Finnegan, CRREL.
Riegl scanner and calving face, photo 1
Mobile LiDAR system surveying the Hubbard Glacier terminus. Credit: Dave Finnegan, CRREL.