Multi-Institute Monitoring of Hubbard Glacier

Written by David Finnegan (CRREL), 01. May 2010

Researchers from the US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab, The University of Maine, the USGS Alaska Science Center and The University of Kansas visited Hubbard Glacier to conduct a campaign to monitor short and long duration glacier activity. These activities included deployment of on-ice GPS for monitoring short term (2-weeks) and long-term (seasonal) glacier velocities. The installation of a new GPS and seismic monitoring station at Haenke Island and new time-lapse and climate monitoring stations in the upper reaches of the glacier.

Haenke GPS Base, photo 1
Long-term monitoring GPS base station on Haenke Island. Credit: Dave Finnegan, CRREL.
Haenke GPS Base 2, photo 1
Long-term monitoring equipment on Haenke Island. Credit: Dave Finnegan, CRREL.
Upper timelapse, photo 1
Image from a time-lapse camera installed on the upper reaches of Hubbard Glacier.